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What is Rtist ? 
We connect businesses to the right local creative talents in minutes, while empowering creative talents to be visible and get hired. 
What Is The DE Dagang Campaign?
This program is an initiative between the government and Rtist to encourage local businesses to hire local creative talents through Rtist, and encourage creative talents to digitalize and get paid through the Rtist platform. All qualified SMEs & creative talents will be able to enjoy this subsidy!
Deals For Local Businesses
RM120 cash discount
on outsourced creative jobs
(including design, writing, photography and videography jobs)

Limited to 1st 1,000 redemption only


Min spend of RM400


Customer must sign up for a free Rtist account

How It Works
Post A Freelance Job
Wait for applicants
Filter And Choose
Select your preferred applicants.
Make Payment
RM120 off automatically applied with RM400 min spend
Job Completed
Payment will be released to talent upon your approval
Our Happy Customers
Thousands of Malaysian businesses hire their creative talent from Rtist
We hired several designers by ourselves before, but only found out about their attitude problems after (couldn’t find out during interviews). Rtist has a good filter & Ratings system, which helped us avoid the same problems when hiring again. Rtist is cost-effective, convenient with quality based on-demand designer. It is simply the best solution for business owners. Timeline is under our control.
Jack Lee
Managing Director at Hypergear Malaysia
Before using Rtist service, we constantly need to find solutions for creative resource services. Their service solves our problem by listening & understanding our needs. Rtist is reliable and responsible.

Prawn Cheng
Head of Operations at Presto Mall Sdn Bhd

Deals For Creative Talent 
Free Rtist Plus Plan for 1 year
(worth RM360 / year)
24x Additional marketing credits (worth RM720)
Get additional exposure for creative jobs
Chat feature to get direct access to potential clients
Minimum Requirement

Must be a Malaysian, age 18 years old & above

Registered an Account with Rtist.

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Limited to 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Apply for Rtist Plus Now
Be Part of Rtist Talent Pool !
Get Hired For Jobs
Connect  & chat directly with potential new clients 
Apply for jobs fast within Rtist system
Join Handpick & get fixed monthly client
Personal Branding
Showcase your portfolio online
Appear in search by potential customers
Get testimonial & reviews from past customers.
Earn More Money
Issue invoice & proposal through Rtist
Get paid faster upon job completion
Manage job & client communication in one place
8000 Creative Talents at Rtist
Thousands of Malaysian Creative Talent, Studios & Agencies Found New Customers Via Rtist !
Rtist is a very good platform for those who wanted to become a freelancer or even a retainer service designer. With Rtist, you never worry for cancel a job or bad debt. For me, it opens another door to explore more clients and different field of business. Most important Rtist appreciated not only on client side but also the talent's contributions too.
Shin Chan
Graphic Designer
“Rtist help me get to work as a full-time freelancer now. At the same time, I get to build different type and style of the portfolio, because of the different client I get to work with. After working as a retainer designer for quite some time, I learn how to deal with and talk to clients like a Customer Service. So, I guess is a good learning process, and I started do not feel that anymore.”

Graphic Designer

An initiative by the Malaysian Government